Academic and university-based health researchers and graduate students (i.e., post-doc fellowship, PhD dissertation, Masters thesis) conducting academic-caliber studies with a clear research design and methodology can obtain a research license to use the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) for free or a reduced fee.

In return, these licensees are required to share their full, de-identified data set including PAM scores as well as other self-reported and clinical data for each participant with Insignia Health. We do not alter your data, share it with other parties, or publish results. We may compare your data with our normative data set and use this information to continually refine PAM and PAM-based guidance for coaches, clinicians and patients. Any analysis performed on the de-identified data can be shared back with the researcher upon request.

To obtain a research license, click “PAM®” in the green band above, then select the category that best matches your needs and fill out all requested information regarding your study.

All purchases that require payment must be paid at checkout via personal or corporate credit card. All purchases are non-refundable. All orders require agreement to relevant copyright terms and conditions. The annual license term begins on the day of purchase and expires after one year. A notice to renew the license for an additional year will be sent via email to the licensee prior to the expiration date.

All orders will be processed within 7-10 business days and all documents delivered to the email address that is supplied during the checkout process.

All online sales are final. No returns or refunds regardless of cancellation reason.

For a commercial PAM license (min. $22,000), please contact Insignia Health at