Patient Activation Measure®
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Product Description
The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM)® assesses the knowledge, skills and confidence integral to managing one’s own health and healthcare. PAM segments individuals into one of four activation levels along an empirically derived continuum. Each activation level segment provides insight into an array of health-related characteristics, including attitudes, motivators, behaviors and outcomes. This empirically-based guidance helps to identify behavior change opportunities that are realistic and achievable, and which allow an individual to progress on a journey of increasing activation.

The research license for PAM includes the following items sent via email to the licensee completing the online form:
• PDF version of the PAM assessment that can be reproduced as needed to administer to your study population. (PAM-10 for researchers based in the United States. PAM-13 for researchers based outside the United States.)
• Excel version of the PAM scoring spreadsheet.
• PDF copy of the License Terms and Conditions presented during the checkout process.

All research license purchases that require payment at checkout using a personal or corporate credit card. All orders require agreement to relevant copyright terms and conditions. The annual license term begins on the day of purchase and expires after one year. A renewal notice for an additional year will be sent via email to the licensee prior to the expiration date.

All orders will be processed within 7-10 business days and all documents delivered to the email address supplied during the checkout process.

In return for the reduced or free licensing fee, Insignia Health requires researchers to share their full, de-identified data set including PAM scores and records for each participant. Insignia will not change, sell or share your data. Insignia compares this data with its normative data set to continually identify opportunities to refine PAM and PAM-based guidance for coaches, clinicians and patients.

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